Dic 23, 2009
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KeySonic Wireless Mini-Keyboard


 Model Number – ACK-612RF(GER)

Ive been meaning to write about my thoughts about my “Super” keyboard I have bought. Its shit!< you can clearly tell it was made on some chinese beach sweatshop.. i mean who wouldn’t suspect..its from Novatech UK.

The USB 2.4Ghz wireless reciever has be to be placed directly aimed to the keyboard in order to get a proper signal! if not you will have delays in typing and some words wont be captured by your pc. The layout does resemble that of a notebook, you dont have a numpad its integrated in some other keys and the enter button is small.
What attracted me about this product was the fact of having a mouse pad on the side. Which works perfectly 10/10. Although the buttons which come with the pad are SHIT made in taiwan i would say. They are really hard and totally lack HCI(human computer interface).

Anyways this piece of garbage ripoff cost me a whopping 29.99£.. totally “worth” it.

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