If you dont agree with me, walk away baby.
Problem – My Card stopped working at a store in the UK. They told me it was denied, so the store owner decided to make a call to the Bank to check whastagoingon. They told him to pass it to me and and they asked me a series of questions to identify me. Obviously the first question I had was, so.. why was it denied. They wouldnt tell me!. they were asking for this password I set up when opening the account (which never happened). They said its your mothers maiden name(no. because i dont know it). They proceeded to accept the payment but the card was basically unusable….So for the past months Ive realized that Solo cards are not working in the majoirty of places, so i decided to order a new one.. they had to get my details again instead of pulling it out from the DB. and took a week to send me a series of contracts to sign.. which i never did.
realizing that im on the phone with this security dude, i decided to tell him.. well ive lost my card now.. its gone somehow… he was alarmed as how it could be lost while i was using it… but he decided to cancel it and order a new one!. So.. apparently if your card is lost, you recieve the newest type Vista Debit card sooner than applying for one :S.

UPDATE – I got my card today; The envelope had my name spelt correctly but the card had a spelling mistake.. now im seriously doubting Natwests IT Department…arent all their systems linked? Do they enter names manually rather than pulling it from a DB?

Did the person who send me the letter didint see my name just above is differnt that the one on the card?

Also, Natwest security is toooo tight for our own good. I would prefer simple password and user. and done. they should have the option for people like me who dont really fuss about online banking and just want a card to withdraw some cash.

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