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wifi router on yellow background

Ethernet over Powerline (EOP) – Get Internet through your power outlets

Ethernet over power line is a technology that allows you to create a network through your power line if a wireless connection is not...
polylang logo

WordPress Polylang Translated HomePage Incorrect URL

Using Wordpress Polylang plugin to translate pages, the translated page home page URL links - like logo link etc are taking you to the...
red coupe near trees under white clouds

Driving Requirement for Foreigners, Tourists in the USA

Driving requirements for foreigners in the USA are pretty straightforward. You have to understand the USA is a country that has some laws which...
Gurus of Sikhism

10 Founding Gurus of Sikhism

10 founding gurus of the religion of Sikhism. Creation of the sacred book of Sikhism, A unique god and all equal before God.
Barranco de Cernícalos

Barranco de los Cernícalos Route in Telde – Hiking in Gran...

Hiking in the kestrel ravine in Telde, Gran Canaria is impressive. How to get there, where to go and route through the ravine.

Route Pico de las Nieves to Cañadón del Jierro – Hiking...

Route from Pico de las Nieves to Cañadón del Jierro in Gran Canaria. Difficult route with unevenness of 820M. Shake your knees!
Bosque Encantado

Enchanted Forest Route, Añaga, Tenerife

Circular route through the Enchanted Forest of Añaga in Tenerife. 8KM through a forest that offers the thickness of the laurel and Canary ferns. Definitely a pretty cool route.
balcón canario - papas con mojo

Balcón Canario in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

Balcón Canario Restaurant in Puerto Rico, Mogán, the best Canarian food restaurant in the south. Good prices and great plates!
lebara mobile abroad

Lebara helps you keep your UK Mobile number abroad

Keep your UK number abroad for Banking, SMS, with Lebara on Vodafone Network, the cheapest way to keep your number and a 50% discount code!

Parvati – Goddess of love, fertility and devotion.

Parvati goddess of love, fertility and devotion. The divine mother is the universal feminine energy that in Hinduism is called Shakti.
Shiva Estatua

Shiva who is it? Man, Myth or Divinity?

Shiva, main god of Hindu trinity, is surrounded by stores and myths. Explore the origins, the ideas and mysticism of Shiva the Hindu Deity.
tapas variadas

A Tapas Guide to Canary Islands

A list of Tapas from the Canary Islands that you must try when visiting. Take home recipes and tasty dishes to enjoy with good wine!
ingredientes comida india

Where to buy ingredients for Indian food in the Canary Islands

A guide to places where to get your Indian groceries, vegetarian/vegan alternatives if you are living in the Canary Islands.

Thadri, Sindhi Festival of Cold – Origins & how to celebrate

Thadri is Sindhi festivity. Celebrated in summer, cold dishes are consumed in honour of the goddess Durga. A guide to origins and rituals!

Walk through the Pico de las Nieves, Roque Nublo in Gran...

The Pico de Las Nieves and Roque Nublo, iconic places on the island of Gran Canaria - Check out some photographs from when I was there.
puchero canario

A Guide to Canary Islands Food

Canary Islands famous food, understanding Canarian food, typical dishes and things to eat when you visit the Canary Islands.
ferry to puerto de mogan

Take a Ferry to Puerto de Mogan

A ferry to puerto de mogan is a must in the list of things to do in Puerto Rico. I would definitely recommend you...
sardina lighthouse

Discover Sardina Lighthouse in Galdar, Gran Canaria

The Sardina del Norte lighthouse is located in the northern shore of Gran Canaria. Visiting it gives you an eerie feeling as you're leaving...
kunal in pangong lake

Camp at 4225m in Pangong Lake, Ladakh, India

Pangong Tso Lake overnight camp stay at 4225m in Ladakh is a must for any adventure or nature lover. Amazing blue lake & star lined skies.
kadhi chawal

No Sindhi home is complete without Kadhi Chawal

No Sindhi home is complete without Kadhi Chawal Sindhi Kadhi is where "sindhiness" begins. This dishes flavour palette tells a story of what type of...
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