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assorted sliced fruits in white ceramic bowl

Mindful eating, the art of eating consciously

Eating is not just about fulfilling our hunger. It is also about nourishing our body, providing energy and nutrients to support our physical and...
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VPN : What is it, and Why You Should Use One

Virtual Private Networks have been around for a while now. At this stage, either you have used one, or have seen it mentioned in...
crop cyber spy hacking system while typing on laptop

Cybersecurity: The Importance of Two-Factor Authentication

In today's digital age, we rely on technology to store our most sensitive and personal information, from financial details to medical records. However, with...
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Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats You Should Be Aware Of

Cybersecurity is a word you will be hearing more of. In essence, there has always been cybersecurity awareness, however it's only now that it...
photo of dog laying on sand

What Are “Dorito Paws” in Dogs and How to Address Them

What are Doritos Paws? Dogs are known for their adorable and sometimes peculiar behaviors, their world is completely different than ours, however there is something...
tutorial prestashop

Prestashop Checkout not working after update 1.7.x.x

PrestaShop checkout stops working after updating. I had updated PrestaShop and the cart stopped working. Customers could start the account creation, but once they...
overhead shot of a slice of spanish omelet

Omelettes from around the world

Around the world, omelettes are a well-liked dish in a variety of nations. While eggs and some type of fat or oil are the...
white and brown cooked dish on white ceramic bowls

External influences that shaped todays Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine has been shaped by a variety of external influences over the centuries, as the country has been exposed to a range of...
indian foods on a surface

Butter Chicken: origin and rise to fame

Butter chicken, also known as murgh makhani, is a popular Indian dish that consists of marinated chicken cooked in a creamy tomato-based sauce. It...
blooming almond tree in spring garden

Annual Almond Tree Festival of Gran Canaria

The annual almond festival in Tejeda, Gran Canaria is a celebration of the almond tree and its role in the culture and history of...
golden temple

Concept of equality and social justice in Sikhism

The concept of equality and social justice is central to the teachings of Sikhism, a monotheistic religion founded in the 15th century in the...
langar golden temple

The role of langar, the communal kitchen, in Sikhism

Langar, or the communal kitchen, is a central aspect of Sikhism and has played a significant role in the religion for centuries. The concept...
wifi router on yellow background

Ethernet over Powerline (EOP) – Get Internet through your power outlets

Ethernet over power line is a technology that allows you to create a network through your power line if a wireless connection is not...
polylang logo

WordPress Polylang Translated HomePage Incorrect URL

Using Wordpress Polylang plugin to translate pages, the translated page home page URL links - like logo link etc are taking you to the...
red coupe near trees under white clouds

Driving Requirement for Foreigners, Tourists in the USA

Driving requirements for foreigners in the USA are pretty straightforward. You have to understand the USA is a country that has some laws which...
Gurus of Sikhism

10 Founding Gurus of Sikhism

10 founding gurus of the religion of Sikhism. Creation of the sacred book of Sikhism, A unique god and all equal before God.
Barranco de Cernícalos

Barranco de los Cernícalos Route in Telde – Hiking in Gran...

Hiking in the kestrel ravine in Telde, Gran Canaria is impressive. How to get there, where to go and route through the ravine.

Route Pico de las Nieves to Cañadón del Jierro – Hiking...

Route from Pico de las Nieves to Cañadón del Jierro in Gran Canaria. Difficult route with unevenness of 820M. Shake your knees!
Bosque Encantado

Enchanted Forest Route, Añaga, Tenerife

Circular route through the Enchanted Forest of Añaga in Tenerife. 8KM through a forest that offers the thickness of the laurel and Canary ferns. Definitely a pretty cool route.
balcón canario - papas con mojo

Balcón Canario in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

Balcón Canario Restaurant in Puerto Rico, Mogán, the best Canarian food restaurant in the south. Good prices and great plates!
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