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108 nombres de shiva

The 108 names of Shiva

The 108 names of Shiva, creator and destroyer in Hinduism go according to epoch, avatar, or divine quality that emanates from his being.

Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god explained

Ganesha is the elephant god in Hinduism. The ganesha form carries hidden messages and symbolisms. We explain the image of Ganesh to you.
tono 432hz vs 440hz

The curative energy of 432hz, the frequency of nature

432 Hz resonates with 8 Hz (the Schumann Resonance), the documented fundamental electromagnetic “beat” of Earth. It just feels better. Research says that music tuned from this...
Krishna Azul

Why is Krishna Blue?

Why is Krishna Blue? Is the one question anyone remotely interested in Hinduism will ask. The gods in Hinduism are blue, specifically, Krishna, a...
Pepperoni Pizza VIP Pizza Puerto Rico

VIP Pizza in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

VIP Pizza in Puerto Rico, an authentic Italian pizzeria you have been looking for. If you want to eat one of the best pizzas...
2020 Asteroides Tierra

Asteroid SO 2020 is looming and maybe it’s a rocket

There is an asteroid approaching earth! chillout, keep calm & sip your tea, it's not the end of the world. 2020 SO is a...
La tierra desde el planeta

Trees will help determine if life exists on exoplanets

Is there life outside our planet? This is one of the most important questions of humanity. Perhaps the "aliens" are already living with us...
Atardecer Naranja Centro de Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria – Canary Islands Photos

Photographs of the island of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. A spectacular island with dunes, snow, city and more. Explore!
Colorful Waterfall La Palma Canary Islands

Hike the Colourful Cascade falls of the valley of Angustias in...

Hiking through the brecitos to the barranco de las angustias and the coloured waterfall in La Palma, Canary Islands

The Marcos and Cordero Springs Route – La Palma – Canary...

A Guide to the 13KM Route - PR LP 06 Los Sauces - Marcos y Cordero Springs, La Palma, Canary Islands, beautiful easy trek!

La Palma, Canary Islands Vacation Photos

La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain. A collection of photographs of its landscape, culture and tradition during my stays on the palm island.
La Palma Islas Canarias

La Palma – Canary Islands Photos

La Palma Photos - La Palma is dubbed "Isla Bonita" aka Beautiful Island for its amazing landscape. It has lush greenery & rocky volcanoes!
Butter Chicken en Canarias

Butter Chicken – The best recipe of the world!

Butter Chicken is a dish that will not go unnoticed if you are going to eat Indian food. This is one of the richest...
coronavirus soldados mascarilla

Coronavirus: Russian media hint at an American conspiracy

The coronavirus outbreak in China has provided fertile ground for conspiracy theories and misinformation on the web everywhere, but in Russia they are spreading...
superluna de nieve

The “snow supermoon” will lit the sky this weekend

The next full moon is the snow supermoon, the storm moon, the hunger moon, Magha Purnima, Magha Puja, the moon of the Mahamuni pagoda...
Gorila Anaka Atlanta

Gorilla hand without pigmentation looks remarkably human

The hand of a gorilla that has lost pigmentation closely resembles that of humans. It gives a lot to think about the theory of...
eclipse solar anular

The last solar eclipse of 2019: December 26

On December 26th we will witness last annular solar eclipse of 2019. This occurs when the Moon is too far from Earth to completely...

The Geminids: The Last Great Shooting Stars of 2019

The Geminids can be observed from December 7 to 17th, being the maximum point of activity from the 11th to 13th. Of all the...
madrid desde pedriza manzanares

Hiking in the Sierra de Madrid – La Pedriza

Hiking in La Pedriza, Manzanares, Sierra de Madrid, one, GPS guide, some photos of the walk and a restaurant where to eat.
costa adeje guide

Costa Adeje – Tenerife – A Complete Guide

A Guide to Costa Adeje in Tenerife, offers beaches, viewpoints, water parks, shopping malls. Plan your visit to Costa Adeje!
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