Its monday one more day, like everyone I have to go to work. Its not as bad as I thought it would be, I got up pretty energetic, did my things and actually for the first time ever left at the deadline I had set, I arrived in 37minutes to the station with a nice long walk of 2.4km. (His is the part that I usually hate, waiting for the bus where we have to stand with no guarantee that a seat will be available. Its survival of the fittest. We stand and have to make serious faces because god forbid if u are smiling, you might be a pervert or probably a weirdo. Everyone tries to act busy and as if the tardiness of the bus is resulting in them losing billions. If you want to know your employees true nature, check how they act based on greed when getting on the bus. All in all a regular morning for the uk, the different ghetto characters roaming the streets, the decent ladies walking like penguins and not looking anywhere but ahead, and the random tourist taking photos of a sakura like tree, aha and dnt forget the UK grey skies :) – Good Morning to you too


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