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Well, seems like first semester is over, it was only my last blog post I had selected them! Lucky me that I don't even...

Last Year Modules Selected

Well, after finally debating with myself soo many thoughts about my future..I decided to choose the following modules IN2010 S1 Management of Information Technology IN3011 S1...

Mr M – Ni Nachle

  I created a little video to share with whoever watches this site :)
panza del burro

Panza del burro (donkeys belly)

I am back in Gran Canaria for my summer holidays! I just finished my placement at Microsoft, amazing year left behind, alot of personal...

i got myself a black berry

Hey everyone this is my first post from my new bb 9700 bold, I'm using the wordpress app for black berry which seems to...

Dolphinarium – Palmitos Park

Estuvo de visita por el Palmitos Park del Sur de Gran Canaria - no soy partidario de animales enjaulados, pero todos tenemos algo que...

yes, i know.

I was searching on the NASA website if there was anything I could do for whilst in higher education. The only match that came...

SNow Man! my 2nd one in my entire life.

Its snowing in Reading and ive had to work from home. My team sent out a challenge to build a snowman in 30min. The...
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