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fukubukuro - bolsas de la suerte japón

Fukubukuro: Bolsas de la suerte que vuelve loco a los Japoneses

Se llaman Fukubukuro, y al comienzo de cada nuevo año, miles de personas en Japón hacen cola durante horas para obtenerlas.

i got myself a black berry

Hey everyone this is my first post from my new bb 9700 bold, I'm using the wordpress app for black berry which seems to...

Small & Furious

So, hope everything is well!, Merry Xmas to you too. As you know, I'm getting paid this year... so why not buy stuff that...

KeySonic Wireless Mini-Keyboard

 Model Number - ACK-612RF(GER)Ive been meaning to write about my thoughts about my "Super" keyboard I have bought. Its shit!< you can clearly tell...