Well, seems like first semester is over, it was only my last blog post I had selected them! Lucky me that I don’t even have an exam in January! Woop and another good piece of news would be that I am currently in the canary’s enjoying the break from that horrible place + London +!

I have to get used to the thing of blogging and make more poists! I am conditioning myself for when I start working or happen. To go to an exciting new place – I would have the habbit of blogging! Currently using my BlackBerry, so it seems more interactive that I type up the post here, send an email and voila!

Now, new years is just around the corner and let’s nt forget Xmas, its time that we all make our so called resolutions! I dnt remember a single one from last year bt I’ve got a rough idea on how they went!, so ill post mine and follow them throught next year – if anyone reads this, have u sorted out ur resolutions?



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