Hi! I am Kunal, the author of this blog. I am a computer nerd by training, and a self-taught photographer, web designer, and cook. Don't let the day come when you regret not having explored or tried new things. With that motto, I blog as I discover. Follow me on the adventure!

This is the blog of Kunal Sajnani, Canary 2.0 born in Europe in 1987 and living in an idealistic world since then.

Computer Science has always called me out as a hobby and in fact, I do have a Bachelor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. The blog did not emerge as part of that, but was merely an interest in maintaining a collection of articles that I found on the internet. Eventually it became a way to study, you know, one of the best ways to study is by writing what you learn.

I write about themes that occur in my life, such as Hinduism, something imposed on me because I was born into a Hindu family. I always wondered why, and so I investigate from my point of view and write. If I am creating a web page and encounter an error, I find the solution and blog it etc. Lately I am dedicating myself to putting together all the travel content that I have in the Destinations section.

My point of view on the world? We live in an illusion created by us and day by day we promote this illusion. We do not have to check the boxes imposed on us. It is the perfect ideology to lose all your friends. Anyway, we continue to grow and meet other people.

Life philosophy? It is never too late to learn and grow. The worst thing you can have is a closed mind. Opinions change, something is learned from everyone and everyone’s truth is the absolute truth for themselves. Come on, live and let live.

What am I doing today? I was running some fashion stores. The pandemic was the last nail on the list of reasons for closing stores. Eventually I had to close my businesses in the Islands. But without losing the desire, right now I am getting the necessary certificates to study a Master in the USA and move on.

Anyway, I am very happy that you have visited my blog and I hope there is something that will interest you. If you have questions, you can contact me through any form on the blog.