Hi! I am Kunal, the author of this blog. I am a computer nerd by training, and a self-taught photographer, web designer, and cook. Don't let the day come when you regret not having explored or tried new things. With that motto, I blog as I discover. Follow me on the adventure!

I’m Kunal, a seasoned Systems Administrator with a passion for cybersecurity. When I’m not diving into the digital realm, I’m capturing moments through the lens as a photography enthusiast. Exploring diverse cultures through their cuisine is my way of understanding the world, and helping people is a core value I hold dear. As a Sindhi, I have a deep-rooted appreciation for my heritage and enjoy delving into the intricacies of various religions. Challenging societal norms is a drive that fuels my journey through life. Join me as I explore the intersections of technology, culture, and social change in my world.

What is Canarias Agusto?

The Canarias Agusto blog emerged from my desire to enhance my Spanish skills. Growing up in a non-Spanish-speaking family and in a tourist hub, I had no need for the language. At school I faced challenges, especially in syntax analysis. Despite excellent teachers, I realized that writing in Spanish would be the key to improvement. And so, I did.

As for the name, having grown up in the Canary Islands, I often heard people say ‘agusto ehh,’ akin to ‘living a chilled lifestyle’. Hence Canarias Agusto. This inspired me to cover diverse topics, and the blog has evolved accordingly over time, featuring food posts, IT insights, and more. 


I write about themes that occur in my life, such as Hinduism, something imposed on me because I was born into a Hindu family. I always wondered why, and so I investigate from my point of view and write. If I am creating a web page and encounter an error, I find the solution and blog it etc. Lately I am dedicating myself to putting together all the travel content that I have in the Destinations section.

Change Lives

It is never too late to learn and grow. The worst thing you can have is a closed mind. Opinions change, something is learned from everyone and everyone’s truth is the absolute truth for themselves. Come on, live and let live.

Never stop learning

We live in an illusion created by us and day by day we promote this illusion. We do not have to check the boxes imposed on us. It is the perfect ideology to lose all your friends. Anyway, we continue to grow and meet other people.

Always give back