The 108 names of Shiva

The 108 names of Shiva reveal the 108 traits that Shiva can be said to have. In the Shiva Purana a list of 108 names of Shiva are mentioned. Each of these names in Sanskrit means a certain attribute of the Lord. Taking that into account, here I leave you with the 108 most common names with their meaning.

In Hinduism 108 is said to refer to the number of Hindu deities. Some say that each of the deities has 108 names. The ancient Indians were excellent mathematicians and numerology has an important meaning in many Asian cultures. The special status of 108 may have arisen because it is the product of a precise mathematical operation that was thought to have special numerological significance.

108 names of Shiva

Here I leave you with the list of the 108 names of which Shiva has been known at some point in history.




1AashutoshThe one who fulfills wishes instantly
2AjaNot born
3AkshayagunaGod with unlimited attributes
4AnaghaWith no faults
5AnantadrishtiOf infinite vision
6AugadhHe who reveals all time
7AvyayaprabhuUndying Lord
8BhairavLord of terror
9BhalanetraHe who wears an eye on his forehead
10BholenathKindly lord
11BhooteshwaraLord of ghosts and evil beings
12BhudevaLord of earth
13BhutapalaProtector of ghosts
14ChandrapalMaster of the moon
15ChandraprakashHe who has the moon as his crest
17DevadevaLord of lords
18DhanadeepaLord of wealth
19DhyanadeepMeditation and concentration icon
20DhyutidharaLord of brilliance
21DigambaraHe who has the heavens as his clothes
22DurjaneeyaHard to know
24GangadharaLord of the river Ganga
25GirijapatiGirija’s Consort
26GunagrahinHe who acepts Gunas
27GurudevaMaster of all
28HaraRemover of sins
29JagadishaMaster of the universe
30JaradhishamanaRedeemer of afflictions
31JatinThe one with matted hair
32KailasHe who grants peace
33KailashadhipatiLord of Mount Kailash
34KailashnathMaster of Mount Kailash
35KamalakshanaLord of lotus eyes
36KanthaAlways radiant
37KapalinAquel que lleva un collar de cadaveras
38KhatvanginThe one with the Khatvangin missile in hand
39KundalinHe who wears rings
40LalatakshaHe who has an eye on his forehead
41LingadhyakshaLord of the Lingas
42LingarajaKing of the Lingas
43LokankaraCreator of the three worlds
44LokapalHe who takes care of the world
45MahabuddhiExtremely Intelligent
46MahadevaGreat God
47MahakalaLord of all times
48MahamayaOf great illusions
49MahamrityunjayaGreat victorious of death
50MahanidhiBig warehouse
51MahashaktimayaHe who has boundless energy
52MahayogiGreat Yogi
53MaheshaSupreme Lord
54MaheshwaraLord of lords
55NagabhushanaHe who has a snake as a complement
56NatarajaKing of dance art
57NilakanthaThe one with the blue collar
58NityasundaraAlways beauty
59NrityapriyaDance lover
60OmkaraCreator of OM
61PalanhaarThe one who protects everyone
62ParameshwaraFirst among all gods
63ParamjyotiGreater splendor
64PashupatiLord of all living things
65PinakinHe who has a bow in his hand
66PranavaAuthor of the syllable OM
67PriyabhaktaDevotees Favorite
68PriyadarshanaOf loving vision
69PushkaraThe one who gives sustenance
70PushpalochanaHe who has eyes like flowers
71RavilochanaHaving the sun as an eye
72RudraThe terrible
73RudrakshaHe who has eyes like a Rudra
74SadashivaEternal god
75SanatanaEternal Lord
76SarvacharyaPreceptor of all
77SarvashivaAlways pure
78SarvatapanaScorcher of everything
79SarvayoniSource of everything
80SarveshwaraLord of all gods
81ShambhuAbode of joy
82ShankaraGiver of joy
83ShivaAlways pure
84ShoolinHe who has a trident
85ShrikanthaGlorious neck
86ShrutiprakashaIlluminator of the Vedas
87ShuddhavigrahaHe who has a pure body
88SkandaguruSkanda’s Preceptor
89SomeshwaraLord of all gods
90SukhadaGrantor of happiness
91SupritaWell satisfied
92SuraganaHaving gods as assistants
93SureshwaraLord of all gods
94SwayambhuSelf manifested
95TejaswaniHe who extends enlightenment
96TrilochanaLord with three eyes
97TrilokpatiMaster of the three worlds
98TripurariEnemy of Tripura
99TrishoolinHe who has a trident in his hands
100UmapatiConsort of Uma
101VachaspatiLord of speech
102VajrahastaHe who has lightning in his hands
103VaradaGrantor of blessings
104VedakartaCreator of the Vedas
105VeerabhadraOverlord of hell
106VishalakshaLord of wide eyes
107VishveshwaraLord of the universe
108VrishavahanaHe who uses a bull in his vehicle

If you would like to know more about Shiva, here is an article about who he is, his being and position in Hinduism.

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