Hi! I am Kunal, the author of this blog. I am a computer nerd by training, and a self-taught photographer, web designer, and cook. Don't let the day come when you regret not having explored or tried new things. With that motto, I blog as I discover. Follow me on the adventure!

Flo’s Kitchen’s Breakfast Biscuits: A Flavorful Experience

It was a chilly morning with a thick fog hanging in the air, and the clock showed 6 a.m. As I took my faithful...

Unveiling the Apple Uglies: A Sweet Surprise at Orange Blossom Cafe in Buxton

Waking up early to the anticipation of a sugary and delightful breakfast treat can set the tone for a perfect day. In the quaint...

Discover the Delicious Flavors of Bojangles: A Southern Fast Food Delight

You know how American food is all about those fast food joints, burgers, fried chicken, and pizzas? Well, here's a little secret: these foods...

Chai – The Black Tea of India

This afternoon I had Chai, but it wasn't as simple as that. While wasting time on my phone, I suddenly smelled the warm and...

Omelettes from around the world

Around the world, omelettes are a well-liked dish in a variety of nations. While eggs and some type of fat or oil are the...

A Tapas Guide to Canary Islands

A list of Tapas from the Canary Islands that you must try when visiting. Take home recipes and tasty dishes to enjoy with good wine!

Where to buy ingredients for Indian food in the Canary Islands

A guide to places where to get your Indian groceries, vegetarian/vegan alternatives if you are living in the Canary Islands.

A Guide to Canary Islands Food

Canary Islands famous food, understanding Canarian food, typical dishes and things to eat when you visit the Canary Islands.

No Sindhi home is complete without Kadhi Chawal

No Sindhi home is complete without Kadhi Chawal Sindhi Kadhi is where "sindhiness" begins. This dishes flavour palette tells a story of what type of...

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