Gods of India

List of gods of India with their explanations

Before we get started, lets have some concepts clear. A hindu is a person who believes in Hinduism, an Indian is a citizen of India regardless of their religion. Here I provide you with a list of gods of India pertaining to the Hinduism religion.

Here is a table with the gods of India. Most belong to the Hindu religion, there are some that will be related to the doctrine of Buddhism and others that come from religions related to Hinduism and Buddhism. If nothing appears, I have not finished the article yet. If you would like to know more about a God that is not on the list – leave me a comment! I comment that the following texts are a mixture of information from the Internet of several pages and self-knowledge acquired by books, sacred texts, relatives and experiences with people of faith. Hope you like it, thank you very much and Namaste. –

“Considered one of the oldest religious traditions, Hinduism does not have a unified dogma, but it is a set of beliefs and cults, without a centralized organization or priestly orders, product of the fusion of the different traditions of the ancients peoples established in the basin of the Ganges River. In Hindu belief, behind the Māyā, the visible universe where the cycles of creation and destruction occur, there is an eternal and unalterable universe, of a spiritual nature, which human beings aspire to reach, thus abandoning the cycle of reincarnation or samsara.”

Gods of India
ShivaShiva HinduismDestroyer along with creating new life.Shiva, The Creator and the Destroyer

The 108 names de Shiva
BrahmaBrahma HinduismThe creator of all life in the current universe.Brahma the creator
VishnuVishnu HinduismThe preserver of all life in the current universe.Vishnu, the preserver
SaraswatiSaraswati HinduismThe goddess of knowledge, music, the arts and natureSaraswati - La Diosa del conocimiento y bellas artes
LakshmiLakshmi HinduismThe goddess of fortune and beauty.Lakshmi - La diosa de la fortuna y belleza
GaneshaGanesha HinduismObstacle remover. It blesses you when you take a new journey in your life. Travel can be anything.El niño elefante, la historia de Ganesha

Ganesha, su imagen explicada
KrishnaMirabai y su amor por Krishna
HanumanHanuman HinduismThe monkey god, faithful devotee of Rama - reincarnation of ShivaHanuman - El Dios Mono
Nava Graha - 9 Cuerpos CelestialesNava Graha - 9 Cuerpos Celestiales


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