RDP Wrapper – Multiple Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows

RDP wrapper bypasses limitations in the native Windows WDP. By default, Windows has a remote connection tool known as RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol. The limitation is that it only allows 1 session – that is, only 1 person can be using the terminal you are connecting to.
Say that you are on the PC and you want someone else to connect as well, Windows will prompt you to sign off so the other remote user can have remote access, disconnecting your ability to use the PC.

RDP Wrapper solves exactly that. It allows you to make RDP connections in the usual way, but you can keep multiple sessions active.

In my case, I had a physical store with a CRM software where sales would be logged etc and even log in inventory as it arrives. By having the multiple sessions enabled with RDP Wrapper, I could log in remotely and check sales on the go and also input inventory directly from a remote terminal.

Download and Install RDP Wrapper The version at the time of writing this post is 1.6.2 (The web may appear insecure – don’t worry, it’s mine, it is due to the SSL being signed by the server itself)

Installing RDP Wrapper

  1. Open Install.bat and follow the steps shown in the command window.
  2. Open RDPconf / Here you configure the port to which you want remote connections to connect.

Es una imagen de muestra / ignora las versiones

Ignore the versions of the image – it is a generic image – here you can change the RDP port. That is, the Wrapper State, Service State, Listener State should be green and it should read Fully Supported.

Thats all folks, installation is complete.

RDP Wrapper will require updates when new versions of Windows appear.


You no longer need to download INI files to update the RDP Wrapper. You can download the auto-updater and run it and it takes care of downloading the updated version automatically.

AutoUpdater – LINK

Los Pasos son fáciles –
1. Download RDP Link
2. Only use the directory – “%ProgramFiles%RDP Wrapper” directory (normaly C:/Program Files/RDP Wrapper)
3. Download the Autoupdater and extract it to – “%ProgramFiles%RDP Wrapper”
4. To enable auto-run of autoupdate.bat at system startup, run the following help batch file as an administrator:
“%ProgramFiles%RDP Wrapperhelperautoupdate__enable_autorun_on_startup.bat”
5. Exclude the following directory from your antivirus “%ProgramFiles%RDP Wrapper” to avoid the antivirus from deleting it.
6. You can now use the automatic update file to install and update the RDP Wrapper. Run autoupdate.bat as administrator: “%ProgramFiles%RDP Wrapperautoupdate.bat”

And thats all.


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