Discover Sardina Lighthouse in Galdar, Gran Canaria

The Sardina del Norte lighthouse is located in the northern shore of Gran Canaria. Visiting it gives you an eerie feeling as you’re leaving the world behind, sort of lands ends experience.

It’s not the first lighthouse to be erected here, however it is the last one standing so far. The first light was 15 February 1891 and the current one replaced it in 1986.

Punta Sardina Lighthouse
Best time to visit is evening Golden Hours – Get the right picture colour and sunset shots.

Getting there is quite easy, head north, go north through the city, and you’ll eventually reach there. The journey there however is quite enjoyable. You pass through the entire city of Las Palmas and then go by the coastline towards the town of Galdar. Just click on the map below, and you should be able to see easily how to get there.

sea shell faro sardina

Once there, you will see the Lighthouse, of course, however the attraction doesn’t just stop there. Next to it, you’ll find a series of benches installed to sit down and view the Atlantic Ocean and the if the day allows it, the eastern cliffside of Gran Canaria, those towns you see are part of Agaete – you may even spot a ferry arriving to the island.

eastern cliffside gran canaria
Gran Canaria Eastern Cliffside from the Faro Punta Sardina Lighthouse

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can walk down straight from the Sardina Lighthouse to the sea. Of course, I would suggest using your common sense and avoid doing so during high tides. The rock formation is volcanic, so make sure to step carefully, a wrong fall could cause quite the scratch.

salt deposits gran canaria

When the tide recedes, in the small volcanic crevices, you will see salt deposits – try some, it can’t get more sea salt than this.

If you do make it to the bottom, there are some spots you can stop at to take great pictures with the volcanic background and lighthouse. Once all the way down, the wind and the sound of the waves will have you mesmerized. Close your eyes, take in the sea salt of the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the views.

Volcanic Faro Punta Sardina

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