Take a Ferry to Puerto de Mogan

A ferry to puerto de mogan is a must in the list of things to do in Puerto Rico. I would definitely recommend you to explore the surrounding town of Mogan. It’s divided in 2 areas, Mogan town and Puerto de Mogan (the port side area). You can go by road, or you could make it into an adventure by sea. On the boat ride, sit back, relax and enjoy a drink while you indulge the views of the towns from the sea & the southern cliffs of Gran Canaria.

How much does it cost?

The ferry has a small section in the lower deck which allows you to see under the sea – thus naming it Glass Bottom Ferry. You should be able to see some fish, some coral and if lucky bigger fish.
You can either buy a return ticket or a one way ticket depending on your plans – just make sure to check the timings as boats leave on time and will not wait for you.

ferry puerto de mogan pricelist
Price List Return (Ida y Vuelta) or OneWay (Solo Ida) – They mostly only operate the Puerto Rico – Mogan Route.

In the chart below, you will see boats leave every hour from Puerto Rico towards Puerto de Mogan, starting at 9 and the last being at 5pm. The return boats are each quarter to – starting at 9.45 and last being 17.45.

puerto mogan ferry timetable
Make sure to adhere to the timetable, there are no refunds, and you’ll have to take a bus or tax to return

The staff is quite friendly, so they will normally let you know if there are any changes on the timetable and when the last boat leaves from Puerto de Mogan back to Puerto Rico.

Enjoying the boat ride

The boat ride lasts around 25 minutes. If you are going to sit on the upper deck, be ready to be toasted, specially on a sunny day. I would choose sitting below and then walk mid-ride above to take some pictures etc.

Puerto de Mogan Ferry Upperdeck
The upper deck is nice – however has no sun protection. Make sure to take sunglasses, sunscreen and be ready to get a tan

I’ve been many times in my lifetime, the last was during covid height & the boats were pretty much empty-which was a great thing!.

The ride offers view off the cliffs, amadores beach, tauro & taurito beach and finally the port of mogan beach and marina. It’s quite a pleasant ride if you’re sitting lower deck in the shade and get a can of beer or any other drink they sell onboard.

lineas salmon - puerto rico cliffside

If you have been or planning to go, let us know how is your experience!

You can find more detailed information on their website

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