Balcón Canario in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

The Balcón Canario restaurant offers Canarian food in Puerto Rico, Mogán. It has been open for years, has won several awards, and the food has maintained its flavour and quality. The employees, a united family, have also been constant, giving even more confidence to the customer that they are going to eat in a place that is eternal.

Mixed Starters Balcon Canario
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Located on the outside in the center of the Puerto Rico Shopping Center, Phase 2, +34 629 265 941

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, on Mondays it is closed.

If you are doing some tourism in the south of Gran Canaria or you are spending a while in the south, and you are looking for typical Canarian food, dishes such as Papas con Mojo, Padrón Peppers, Fried Cheese etc. Balcón Canario is your restaurant. Not only is the food delicious, it enters through the eyes and the service of the employees is exceptional, they accommodate everything and are attentive in your experience when eating.

The restaurant is not only good at Canarian food, but also prepares meat and chicken dishes and delicious turkey skewers! I have not tried all of them, but I have been going to the restaurant since I was little, and they have kept the rich sauces that accompany the dishes, such as the pepper sauce, the red mojo.

In addition, they introduce new dishes as they see demand, and often make their own desserts such as cheesecake with tomato jam!

In conclusion, if you are hungry, go to the Balcon Canario, you will surely find something to eat and the food will suit you wonderfully!

Kunal Sajnani
Kunal Sajnani
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