Bosque Encantado

On a recent trip to Tenerife, I had the opportunity to do a bit of hiking in the Añaga Park. In particular, as the title says, I took a tour of the enchanted forest, which, unlike the experience I had on a sunny day, would have had a more enchanted touch with the clouds at eye level.

El recorrido lo lei en este blog que detalla todo muy bien. – Descripción recorrido del Bosque Encantado

What I would like to add is that if you are going to do it, you have to obtain the permit from the Tenerife environmental office since the Forest belongs to the protected area of El Pijaral, they treated us wonderfully and the management was carried out on the march, in 10 minutes or less I already had the paper, they recommend processing the permit in advance to avoid any unforeseen event. There is a limit of 49 people who can walk per day. Nowadays, you can get the permit online, it’s to make sure there is not a surplus of people destroying the forest.

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