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Life in the Canary Islands is moving at a fast pace an with it our options to dine out are getting better each year. In the island of Gran Canaria many young cooks are opening up restaurantes to show case their view of worldwide cuisine on to our plates. You will still find the traditional Canarian / Spanish restaurantes however you will not be missing out on what is “happening”. I leave you with a small review of places I have visted alongside some pics. Do not let my review stop you from trying out these places, it must have something that called me out in the first place.

balcón canario - papas con mojo

Balcón Canario in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

Balcón Canario Restaurant in Puerto Rico, Mogán, the best Canarian food restaurant in the south. Good prices and great plates!
Pepperoni Pizza VIP Pizza Puerto Rico

VIP Pizza in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

VIP Pizza in Puerto Rico, an authentic Italian pizzeria you have been looking for. If you want to eat one of the best pizzas...