Unveiling the Apple Uglies: A Sweet Surprise at Orange Blossom Cafe in Buxton

Waking up early to the anticipation of a sugary and delightful breakfast treat can set the tone for a perfect day. In the quaint town of Buxton, tucked away on a quiet street, there lies a hidden gem called Orange Blossom Cafe. Known for its delectable pastries, this charming little café opens its doors in the early morning, serving a variety of mouthwatering delights. One particular item on their menu, the Apple Uglies, has gained quite a reputation among locals and visitors alike. Join me as I recount my memorable visit to Orange Blossom Cafe, where the quest for the Apple Uglies becomes an adventure in itself.

The Journey Begins:

Eager to experience the sugary bliss of the Apple Uglies, my wife and I planned our morning accordingly. Aware that Orange Blossom Cafe closes its doors by 11 am, we made our way to the café at 10 am, hoping that we weren’t too late to snag one of their famous treats. As we approached the café, we couldn’t help but notice the bustling activity around it. Cars lined the streets, leaving no place to park, and a long queue of eager patrons spilled out from the café doors. We felt a pang of worry, fearing that the Apple Uglies might already be sold out.

A Stroke of Luck:

Orange Blossom Cafe Menu

Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, luck smiled upon us. As we circled the block, desperately searching for a parking spot, a vehicle pulled out, creating an opening right in front of the café. We swiftly maneuvered our car into the vacant space, grateful for the unexpected stroke of luck. With renewed hope, we joined the queue, our excitement growing with each passing minute.

An Unexpected Charm:

From the outside, Orange Blossom Cafe appeared unassuming, much like many American businesses. Perhaps it was the transition from the off-season, but the exterior didn’t do justice to the delightful experience that awaited us inside. Stepping through the café’s doors, we were immediately enveloped in a symphony of delightful aromas—freshly baked pastries mingled with the rich scent of freshly brewed coffee.

The Attentive Guide:

We were greeted by a kind and friendly young girl who attended to us with a warm smile. As my wife pondered her selection, seeking the perfect muffin, the girl offered helpful suggestions and eventually guided her towards a delectable poppy seed muffin. It was evident that Orange Blossom Cafe took pride in their attention to detail and personal service.

A Taste of Heaven:

apple uglies buxton

For me, the mission was clear: I was there for one thing—the Apple Uglies. As I scanned the display case, my eyes fixated on their unique appearance. The Apple Uglies were large, oddly shaped dough balls, slightly crisp on the outside, and glazed with a tempting layer of sugar. I had no prior knowledge of their contents, but the name itself hinted at an apple-filled delight. Without hesitation, I purchased one for myself, eager to uncover its mysteries.

A Heavenly Revelation:

With our precious Apple Uglies in tow, we made our way back to our cozy apartment. Although we acquired coffee from another establishment, the focus of our attention was solely on the coveted pastries we carried. I gently placed the heavy bag on the table, and with anticipation coursing through my veins, I broke open the Apple Uglies. What I discovered inside was pure bliss—a heavenly combination of cinnamon and apple fritter, reminiscent of a giant cinnamon roll infused with succulent apple pieces. It was a moment of pure indulgence, an oasis in my keto-driven desert.

Check out the video of the Cafe and what is inside the Apple Uglies!


As I savored each bite of the Apple Uglies, I couldn’t help but marvel at the unexpected delight it brought to my taste buds. The soft, doughy texture combined with the warm, cinnamon-infused apple filling created a symphony of flavors that danced on my palate. It was a taste of heaven, a temporary departure from my disciplined keto regimen.

The experience at Orange Blossom Cafe and the discovery of the Apple Uglies taught me an important lesson. Sometimes, the most extraordinary moments come when we venture outside our comfort zones and embrace the unknown. In this case, it was the decision to try a pastry I knew little about, taking a chance on a treat that had gained local acclaim.

Orange Blossom Cafe, with its unassuming exterior, housed within it a treasure trove of culinary delights. Beyond the facade, it was a haven for those seeking exceptional pastries and an authentic dining experience. The care and attention put into each creation, coupled with the warm hospitality of the staff, left a lasting impression.

So, if you find yourself in Buxton, I urge you to wake up early, plan your breakfast accordingly, and make your way to Orange Blossom Cafe. Arriving at 10 am, hope for a parking spot, and brace yourself for a queue that testifies to the cafe’s popularity. And when you finally lay your hands on an Apple Uglie, be prepared for a taste sensation that transcends expectations.

Remember, sometimes the greatest pleasures in life can be found in the simplest of places—a small town, a cozy cafe, and a pastry that defies convention. Embrace the adventure, savor the flavors, and let Orange Blossom Cafe’s Apple Uglies transport you to a world of sugary bliss.

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