Flo’s Kitchen’s Breakfast Biscuits: A Flavorful Experience

It was a chilly morning with a thick fog hanging in the air, and the clock showed 6 a.m. As I took my faithful dog for a walk, I couldn’t help but relish the eerie beauty of the fog, as if the rapture was just around the corner. Little did I know that this misty morning would lead me on a culinary journey to Flo’s Kitchen.

As I strolled in the early morning cold, an unexpected urge for breakfast struck me. You see, I usually stick to my morning routine of coffee and a protein shake around 10 a.m. But, this time, I recalled hearing about Flo’s Kitchen in downtown Wilson, North Carolina, a place that closes at noon—a rarity in my European-influenced schedule.

Without much ado, my wife, our trusty canine companion, and I hopped into the car and set off. My wife excitedly declared, “We’re here!” Yet, all I could see were rows of cars, forming a queue. It didn’t take long for me to realize that all these vehicles were lined up eagerly waiting to get into a distinct blue building: Flo’s Kitchen.

The car line, as it turned out, was not as daunting as it seemed. There were about 20 cars ahead of us, and within a mere 5 minutes, it was our turn. Upon reaching the parking lot entrance, a friendly staff member approached our car to take our order. I couldn’t resist the temptation to sneak a peek at the menu on Google before our arrival.

Flos Kitchen Queue

For me, the choice was clear – a steak, egg, and cheese biscuit. My wife went for a chicken and cheese biscuit, as well as a plain chicken biscuit on the side. One important note: Flo’s Kitchen is cash-only.

The moment of truth arrived when the server handed over our order. I was taken aback by the weight of the bag; those three biscuits felt as heavy as if they contained two hefty potatoes each.

Biscuits from Flos Kitchen

Now, about those biscuits – they lived up to their reputation. It’s no surprise there’s always a line. I’m convinced these biscuits must pack a minimum of 2,000 calories. For someone like me, they kept me full until dinner. The one surprise was the steak, which was breaded and somewhat reminiscent of chicken. While the breading inside was a tad disappointing, especially when compared to its exterior, when eaten warm and fresh, it’s quite satisfying. I’d rate it a 7/10 for texture and an 8/10 for flavor.

In the end, Flo’s Kitchen’s hearty breakfast biscuits and unique closing time left me with a memorable dining experience that perfectly complemented that foggy morning. A true hidden gem, this place is a must-visit for those in search of a satisfying breakfast adventure with a twist.

Kunal Sajnani
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