Roque Nublo Route to the Dam of Las Niñas – Hiking in Gran Canaria

The route from Roque Nublo to the Dam of las Niñas is a route that goes in one direction and takes you through the centre of the island with views of the Canary Island pine and mountains. About 11-14KM depending on the path you choose, it takes 6 hours to complete. It is a path that I recommend only to those who like to walk through arid areas, and who have their knees in order, since you will be going up and down all the time. It is not very scenic, but the views of Roque Nublo at the start, between the pine tree and the girls’ dam at the end, make it worth it.

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Roque Nublo a Presa de las Niñas

Starting and ending point

This route is quite simple and easy to follow. We start at the Roque Nublo and head towards Las Niñas dam. As it is not circular, the arrival at Roque Nublo should be arranged in advance and at the end, the pick-up at the Las Niña Dam.

Grupo Montañero Trekking de Mogan
Aquí estoy con el Grupo Montañero de Mogan en el Roque Nublo

The bus dropped us off at the Roque Nublo car park. From here begins the route to the Roque Nublo, which, although it may seem difficult at first, is a fairly easy uphill path of 1.5KM – between 15-20 minutes you are next to the monolith.

Camino Presa de Niñas desde Roque Nublo

To start the descent to Las Niñas Dam, we have to go back where the plateau begins and take the path to the right(facing towards the parking). From here the unevenness begins. I recommend to those who do not have strong knees to carry trekking poles.

From the detour, we are headed towards Las Niñas Dam, it usually takes between 3-4 hours depending on the breaks. Be careful that even if it is a descent, these types of paths are typically the heaviest taxation for the knees – I recommend carrying a cane since between fallen loose pine, and loose stones the grip on the ground becomes difficult.

presa de chira y presa de las niñas en gran canaria
Las dos presas – Presa de Chira y Las Niñas en Gran Canaria

Just keep walking downwards, and eventually you will see the Las Niñas Dam from far away, you will more or less know the way down there while walking, it goes through pine trees, rocks and what not, eventually when you reach the dam you can see normal paved roads where the bus or car should be waiting for you.

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