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Religion is something people made up in order to bring order to their lives. Call it the politics of the past. It has been cause of genocide and peace at the same time. Its left upon humans to interpret and abide by. My collection of thoughts on this practice.

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Airavata: The Divine Elephant in Hindu Mythology

Airavata is a mythical creature that has captured the imaginations of people for centuries. This divine elephant is believed to be the king of...
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Concept of equality and social justice in Sikhism

The concept of equality and social justice is central to the teachings of Sikhism, a monotheistic religion founded in the 15th century in the...
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The role of langar, the communal kitchen, in Sikhism

Langar, or the communal kitchen, is a central aspect of Sikhism and has played a significant role in the religion for centuries. The concept...
Gurus of Sikhism

10 Founding Gurus of Sikhism

10 founding gurus of the religion of Sikhism. Creation of the sacred book of Sikhism, A unique god and all equal before God.

Vishvarupa – Krishna’s Hindu Universal Form

In the climactic warfare of the Mahabharata, Prince Arjuna and his brothers fight their cousins, the Kauravas with Krishna as their charioteer. Faced with...
Vrinda Devi

Tulsi Vivah, mythical union of Tulsi and Krishna

Tulsi or Tulasi, is a variety of Basil that is considered sacred in the Hindu religion. It is also used for a variety of...
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Rama – The avatar of Vishnu and Ideal King

Rama, is a god in Hinduism, he is the main hero of the famous great Hindu epic of the Ramayana (The Romance of Rama)....

Parvati – Goddess of love, fertility and devotion.

Parvati goddess of love, fertility and devotion. The divine mother is the universal feminine energy that in Hinduism is called Shakti.
Shiva Estatua

Shiva who is it? Man, Myth or Divinity?

Shiva, main god of Hindu trinity, is surrounded by stores and myths. Explore the origins, the ideas and mysticism of Shiva the Hindu Deity.

Thadri, Sindhi Festival of Cold – Origins & how to celebrate

Thadri is Sindhi festivity. Celebrated in summer, cold dishes are consumed in honour of the goddess Durga. A guide to origins and rituals!

Mirabai and Krishna

Mirabai, in Hinduism is a devoted platonic lover of Krishna. She dedicates her existence to eternal love for Krishna.
luna llena rezando

Full moon, new and rituals of Hinduism

The full moon is important in Hinduism, it is believed to have an effect on humans, read how they counteract it with rituals!
Saraswati - diosa

Saraswati – The Goddess of Knowledge and Fine Arts

Saraswati is the Goddess of wisdom, music and fine arts and the mother of the vedas. She is the consort and source of shakti of Brahma.
Vishnu Visnu Mahavishnu Dios

Vishnu, the preserver and protector of creation

Vishnu, the second god of the Hinduism trimurti. He represents the energy that maintains the universe and protects it.

Brahma – The Creator

Brahma is the Hindu god of creation. According to the Puranas, he is the supreme of the Hindu pantheon & trimurti in Hinduism.
108 nombres de shiva

The 108 names of Shiva

The 108 names of Shiva, creator and destroyer in Hinduism go according to epoch, avatar, or divine quality that emanates from his being.

Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god explained

Ganesha is the elephant god in Hinduism. The ganesha form carries hidden messages and symbolisms. We explain the image of Ganesh to you.
Krishna Azul

Why is Krishna Blue?

Why is Krishna Blue? Is the one question anyone remotely interested in Hinduism will ask. The gods in Hinduism are blue, specifically, Krishna, a...
satyam shivam sundaram

The meaning of Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Satyam Shivam Sundaram, or Truth Godliness and Beauty is the way Hindus describe Lord Shiva with respect and devotion. The phrase glorifies Shiva and...
Shiva Dios India Serpiente

Shiva, The Creator and the Destroyer

Slowly & steadily entering the world of spirituality, but always amazed with Hinduism, from a very young age, I am attracted to Shiva, perhaps...