Visit Barranco de las Vacas in Aguimes

Barranco de las Vacas is in Aguimes, hosts the “tobas de colores” a small attraction that resembles the Antelope Canyon in the US. If you plan to make it into a day trip, don’t. Arriving, walking to the area and coming back can be done within 30 minutes.

Where is the Barranco de las Vacas?

If you search on google maps, barranco de las vacas (the ravine of the cows) gives you the address in the middle of nowhere, that is indeed where the colored Tobas are, and that is where you want to go, but if you go by car, you have to find the parking lot and walk from there.

Where to park in the area?

I leave you the address in Google maps of where you have to go to park. It is the only area where you can leave your car and there will be room for about 6 cars (if they are well parked), whenever I have passed there are usually 1 or 2.

How to get to the Tobas de Colores?

When you park the car, the ravine will be infront of you. Looking at the map above, walk towards the bend above, keep the road to your right, when you are about to reach the curve, to the left you will see that the bumper is divided and there is a path that takes you down.

When you get down, you will find yourself on an old bridge made of bricks that you can either go straight up the mountain or go down and go right, take the path to the right.

We continue to the right, as we see in the image below, I leave the bridge behind. More or less at the distance that I am, you will have to climb the corners, there is no path, not to worry, its only that step.

Once you have climbed the step, keep going and in a matter of 2 minutes you will see a tunnel at the bottom. The coloured walls are on the other side.

That’s it, keep walking, and you will be there in a matter of minutes, the adjacent walls will be transformed into the image you are looking for.

And you have already reached the coloured tuffs of the cow ravine. Depending on the time you have arrived, the walls will be more or less colourful.

In conclusion, it’s a great addition to your Instagram, however if you were looking for a route or wanted to see something that will leave you speechless, perhaps not. Do not be disappointed in your photo, you will have to raise the tonality a bit to make it look great. I would just like to remind you that even if it is a ravine and in the middle of nowhere, respect the environment. Everywhere I go, I always find rubbish and carved names of “dumb x dumber” etc, Be respectful of wherever you go, you are a guest & the best way to show respect is being respectful of someone’s land.


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