Ethernet over Powerline (EOP) – Get Internet through your power outlets

Ethernet over power line is a technology that allows you to create a network through your power line if a wireless connection is not possible and cabling is not an option. EOP has been around for a while, some commercial devices which use EOP technology are PowerLAN, Powerline, PLC or dLAN.

How does it work?

EOP devices come in a bundle with a transmitter and a receiver device. These devices will plug into the wall. The transmitter end will have ethernet ports for you to connect the modem to. The receiver can depend on manufacturer, but usually comes with 1 ethernet port and a Wi-Fi signal.

Installing a EOP device

When you have connected both ends, the devices find each other through your home’s electrical grid. The devices would only be able to operate on the same electric rings and perform as good as your wiring conditions. Once a Local Area Network is formed between the devices, the devices also transmit a Wi-Fi signal for wireless connectivity.  The speeds inside the LAN can range from 100Mbps to 2000Mbps and come with gigabit ports. They have been optimized and apply multiple-input and multiple-output, or MIMO, increasing the overall data capacity of transfers. In end user terms, it means you can now rest assured that using these types of connectors will give you the maximum speed your ISP is providing you with and if you are streaming through your devices inside the LAN, i.e. using PLEX and streaming 4K, you will not face any lag.

Are EOP devices worth it?

I have personally had my share of EOP devices, and I would only recommend them as the last resort. The PLC adaptor does interfere with our telephone line at times, and during rainy days I can see the connectivity flicker upstairs. Having said that, my adaptor is very old. The newer EOP devices offer high speed, dual MIMO, they also connect with mesh devices to unify connectivity all over the house, It has done a stable job for what I needed, however unless this is the last option, I would explore other routes such as mesh networks first.

Example EOP devices

TL-WPA8631P KIT | AV1300 Gigabit Passthrough Powerline ac Wi-Fi Kit | TP-Link

Powerline 1000 + WiFi – PLW1000 | NETGEAR

Kunal Sajnani
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