Where to buy ingredients for Indian food in the Canary Islands

You want to prepare Indian food at home and don’t know where to buy ingredients? Are you looking for vegetarian options to eat, places that say alternative to meat products. Soy based, Paneer Based or even Vegan foods? I give you a list of mini markets offering exotic products from all over the world. Not just limited to Indian food ingredients, they also sell middle eastern products and more.

I leave you with several places in Gran Canaria that I know where you can find their spices, paneer and other things from India in case you fancy something.

Gran Canaria

1. Godhwani Mini Market Hindú – Las Canteras

Perhaps the best known and used by the Hindus of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. It has a mini market in the north and another in the south. They also bring it to home if you call them in advance.

2. Godhwani Mini Market Hindú – Maspalomas

If you are in the south, this is where you want to go, it is in one of the backstreets of CC Yumbo. The store packs almost everything the one in the north would, however if you want to be sure, call them, and they will help you.

3. Indian Supermarket Valiram – San Fernando

I have passed through this supermarket sometimes, it has what you expect. If you are looking for imitation meat for vegan soy-based food, I suggest Godhwani, otherwise if spices is on your list, vegetarian things, paneer or other cheeses, this is your place.


1. Bazar Mina – Fañabe

I used to shop here when I lived in Costa Adeje, it is small, but has a good assortment of traditional, spices, pre-cooked food and cheap prices.

2. J.K. Indian Grocery Store – San Eugenio

This supermarket has it all too and brings imported vegetables, exotic vegetables such as Pak Choi, Okra and more.

3. Valiram Importaciones – Santa Cruz de Tenerife



These are the points of Indian mini supermarkets that sell spices, exotic vegetables, paneer, pre-cooked food such as nuggets, rolls etc. all vegetarian and a great selection of vegan products. If you are looking for a curry, or perhaps something that is exotic, call them, they bring many things and if not, they can get it for you. For example, I was looking for pomegranate molasses, in the Canary Islands syrup is sold in some places, molasses is different and is used in Arab cuisine, they had it!

If you are looking for something particular and can not get your hands on it, leave me a message, I will ask around and get back to you!. Let us know if there is any other place you would like to see in this list.

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