Discover the Delicious Flavors of Bojangles: A Southern Fast Food Delight

You know how American food is all about those fast food joints, burgers, fried chicken, and pizzas? Well, here’s a little secret: these foods have their own special categories in the US. It’s not as diverse as you might think. The main types of cuisine here can be summed up as basic Mexican with a tex-mex twist, all kinds of BBQ, southern comfort foods like gravy, fried chicken, and biscuits, and the occasional hibachi joint claiming to be Chinese. If you’re lucky, you might also stumble upon Lebanese or Vietnamese food.

But let me tell you about this awesome experience I had recently at one of the South’s beloved fast food chains called Bojangles. When you walk in, you’re immediately drawn to their vibrant yellow decor and eye-catching red signage. And the mouthwatering smells that waft through the air? Ah, they’re simply irresistible. I love how each American fast food joint has its own unique packaging—it’s like unwrapping a gift!

Now, let’s talk about the food. From Bojangles’ extensive menu, I decided to treat myself to a few biscuits, some wings, a side of pimento cheese (my first time trying that!), fried chicken, fries, cheese sticks with dipping sauce, and maybe an unpopular choice—their unsweetened iced tea. PS their sides are called Fixins. 

Trying Bojangles – Ordered some at home to try a bit of everything.

Let me tell you, having tried other fried chicken places, Bojangles takes the cake with their tastier and more affordable menu. It’s also deeply ingrained in the hearts of Southerners, and the last one you’ll find before crossing the VA border. Trust me, if you’re visiting the USA, this is definitely a fast food option I highly recommend.

Bojangles Menu – May differ in your area, prices are probably higher now and some items may not be available everywhere.

Oh, and let me share a fascinating tidbit about Bojangles that’ll make you appreciate it even more. Did you know that the name “Bojangles” actually comes from a popular song and dance routine from the 1920s? It was performed by a talented tap dancer named Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, who was known for his smooth moves and infectious energy. The founders of Bojangles wanted to capture that same spirit of joy, rhythm, and deliciousness in their food, hence the name. So, when you bite into those delectable biscuits or savor the crispy fried chicken, remember that you’re experiencing a slice of American culture with a touch of musical history. It’s like tasting the rhythm of the past while satisfying your taste buds in the present.

Kunal Sajnani
Kunal Sajnani
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