kadhi chawal

No Sindhi home is complete without Kadhi Chawal

Sindhi Kadhi is where “sindhiness” begins. This dishes flavour palette tells a story of what type of food these people like. Btw the Kadhi is the Sindhi way of saying Curry.

Just an FYI, I am Sindhi and just like the rest of people outside their native country out there, the appreciation for ones culture, comes at some later point in life. When growing up, I haaaaated indian dishes, perhaps due to the vegetarian aspect of them. As a kid you also try to look up to your surroundings and living in the Canary Islands did not help, these guys over here are way off the Indian radar. I mean, c’mon, I’m the only Indian kid at school who doesn’t get a chicken schnitzel with gravy for dinner, instead, some green leaves with spices mixed with lentils and rice. Well, now that I’m older, travelled the world, my palette has changed and perhaps I have grown a bit “wiser”, most western dishes are kind of blah, sorry.

kadhi chawal

Sindhi dishes not solely rely on taste, they also rely on the texture of the dishes. They love their gooey sticky products, like lady fingers (Okra), or Tapioca etc. Well, one dish which has remained a constant in my all time favourites is the Sindhi Kadhi. Its made primarily of tomatoes, which have been sieved to attain a silky texture, spices & a gram flour base mixed for additional thick texture. You will find variations with more vegetables or less depending on the person making it.

In the recipe below, we make with no veggies, just plain tomato, with gram flour base & its tasty as it comes. What do you think?


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