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Online tutorials are written in the most complex manner possible. It will be outdated, filled with ads, payment options, external links or so and most frustratingly, most of the time they do not work for you. Here I have a collection of posts of tutorials I had to write just because of that.

tutorial prestashop

Prestashop Checkout not working after update 1.7.x.x

PrestaShop checkout stops working after updating. I had updated PrestaShop and the cart stopped working. Customers could start the account creation, but once they...
polylang logo

WordPress Polylang Translated HomePage Incorrect URL

Using Wordpress Polylang plugin to translate pages, the translated page home page URL links - like logo link etc are taking you to the...
RDP Image

RDP Wrapper – Multiple Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows

RDP wrapper bypasses limitations in the native Windows WDP. By default, Windows has a remote connection tool known as RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol....
webmp in photoshop

How to edit webmp in Photoshop

Edit webmp files in Photoshop with this free plug-in. You will have compatibility, and you will be able to edit webmp files in adobe.