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white and brown cooked dish on white ceramic bowls

External influences that shaped todays Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine has been shaped by a variety of external influences over the centuries. As the country was exposed to a range of different...
indian foods on a surface

Butter Chicken: origin and rise to fame

Butter chicken, also known as murgh makhani, is a popular Indian dish that consists of marinated chicken cooked in a creamy tomato-based sauce. It...
kadhi chawal

No Sindhi home is complete without Kadhi Chawal

No Sindhi home is complete without Kadhi Chawal Sindhi Kadhi is where "sindhiness" begins. This dishes flavour palette tells a story of what type of...
Chutney de Cilantro

Green Chutney: A Simple Yet Quintessential Condiment in Indian Cuisine

A common sauce in Indian cooking, green chutney, sometimes referred to as mint or cilantro chutney, is crucial for enhancing the flavors of numerous...
sindhi palak espinacas

Sai Bhaji – Indian Spinach Stew Recipe

Authentic Sindhi Sai Bhaji, step by step process in making an amazing lentil & spinach stew recipe. Easy and very tasty, try it out!
Butter Chicken - Producto Final

Indian Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter Chicken - Indian Chicken Dish Marinated overnight and served in a velvety tomato and cream sauce, passed from the Moguls to the common man.
Bread Pakora Indian Recipe

Potato & Cheese Bread Rolls Recipe

Indian Cheese Bread rolls recipe with a twist. These potatoes filled easy cook rolls are an easy and tasty snack for anytime. Try it out!
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